About me

This is me

My name is Eduard Bopp and I live in Heidelberg, Germany. I am a recent graduate in astrophysics and currently work on my own indie game projects.

Let's start with the science. The topic of my Master's thesis were numerical simulations of the pebble accretion scenario, a promising theory that might explain how Earth-sized planets can grow into gas giants. In the past I have also done some research on exoplanet detection for ESA and gravitational microlensing at the Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics.

Aside from science, I am very interested in programming. I have mostly worked with Python, C/C++ and Java primarily for scientific applications. More recently I have picked up Rust to do some video games development and found myself contributing to the language's nascent game development infrastructure (since my blog is rather new, that's all I have been writing about, too).

Here are a couple of software projects I've been working on:

There are a couple more projects in varying states of usability on GitHub, Bitbucket and on my GitLab server.