About me

This is me

Hi, my name is Emilia and I live in Heidelberg, Germany. I am a software developer.

This page is slightly outdated and I need to update it soonish…


On the technology side I enjoy working with Rust, Python, Elm, Nix, Terraform & Docker. Generally, I advocate functional and declarative approaches to software design & architecture. I also have an interest in Haskell, Clojure and Scala, but have not had time or opportunities to use them much.

I can also work with Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, C & SQL. But… well… I don't find those languages enjoyable per se.

While I mostly work on web applications for a living, I have a passion for video game development and have been pursuing a few hobby projects over the years.

As a physics student I did research on astrophysics in the areas of planet formation and gravitational microlensing. Even though I realized this is not for me in the long term, I try to keep up with recent developments.

Sometimes I go on long bike trips with my road bike. Also I love cooking & fermenting food.

Software projects

Some of my own software projects. None of them are actively maintained, I list them here mainly for reference:

There are other projects with let's say… varied utility on GitHub.

Aside from that, I have been contributing to the Nix package repository and various Rust crates, mostly nalgebra.